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Medication errors in seniors are among the most comMON preventable errors in the healthcare system today. According to statistics About one in every three people over 65 will have some sort of adverse medication event that requires a hospital visit. some 10% to 15% of all emergency room visits are related to medication reactions or drug interaction problems in seniors.

Pgx and CGX Genetic testing


Genetic testing helps to determine the best medications for each patient.

Elite Medical offers pharmacogenetics testing to provide insight as to a patient’s likeliness to experience an adverse reaction or a non-response to a drug. Elite’s pharmacogenetics testing includes 25 genes targeting more than 70 genetic variants that are especially dedicated to drug therapy in pain management, psychological disorders and cardiovascular diseases. This testing utilizes one of the most advanced instruments designed for gene detection.
With its optimized automation and high-throughput capability, Elite Medical is able to offer an advanced pharmacogenetics testing highlighting every individual’s specific genetic makeup that predetermines drug metabolism or lack thereof. This insight not only helps healthcare providers determine which class of medication to prescribe but also identifies any adverse reactions to medication classes that could possibly occur. 

Cancer. Are you, or family members at risk?


Statistics show early detection for cancers are crucial for survival. It can make the difference between life and death for both you and /or a direct family member. The Genetic Hereditary Cancer Screening we provide allows for early detection and preventative care. If found to have a genetic susceptibility to specific cancers, you and your physician can put together a preventative healthcare plan to detect potential cancers early. Early treatment is the key to beating cancer.

Why Does It Matter?

Nearly 1,735,750 adults will be diagnosed with cancer this year and over 609,350 will die from cancer this year. Many are diagnosed too late, so why would you risk waiting, when you can find out now.

Medicare covers cost for those who qualify. This is a very simple and quick procedure of collecting some medical information from you and sending it in directly to Elite Labs. This is a HIPAA Certified Testing Procedure conducted by a HIPAA Certified Field Technician. Your information is sent only to you and no one else has access to it under strict guidelines. We suggest that you share your results with your Doctor or Doctors as it will aid them in prescribing medications for you.



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•   If you take two or more medications, you need a PGX.

•   Shows how your genetics impact 

response to medications.

•   Can help improve the effectiveness of the medications you take.

•   Reduce negative side effects and prevent serious drug reactions.

•  Avoid buying and using drugs that

work for you.

•   Help eliminate trial and error period.

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These "No cost to you" Tests Could Save Your Life